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ABOUT ME...?(Written at 1999)

       I  am a senior student at industrial engineering department at METU. At the university, I have been living at the dormitories which are located in the campus for four years. Life for me consists of gaining experiences and knowledge .  At the dormitories I had the opportunity to meet with very different people with most of whom I had a good friendship. In fact most of these friends have or had differing living styles, thoughts, looking perspective to the world, ideals but I have observed that as far as you are respective  ad understandable , there are a lot of things to share  and  to gain from eachother.

        My family lives at Istanbul, the mysterious and the wonderful city. I say that because it is worth living here especially at a place that has a view to the bosphorous.(lets think a situation that in one of your hands you have a book and in the other a cup of tea and sea in the view,,,,)  At school I look forward to going to Istanbul. Our house is at the northern coast of bosphorous. As my grandfather was a fisherman, there is no other alternative for my family to live near to the sea. Still some of my relatives are fishermen. I should notify that sea is a very different world. One of my favorite activities is going out fishing with my relatives for at least one week. For me sea is the place of contemplation.  

  In the world of technology, I am very fascinated watching  the  latest  developments, inventions. Being out of this improvements like having no share in defining this route discourages me sometimes. Having close looks to the activities of humans, I also try to keep my relation with the nature tight with different ways like always keeping my mind open to cognate through the nature.

          I give great importance to synergy.In fact, it is the key of success in the world of globalization today. In fact  I have not used this treasure so much up to now, but  I wish  I will…     

        Managing  the  activities of the world in an analytic manner fascinates me. Coping with the nature, environment in an analytic way helps me to make decisions or  evaluate  the decisions in a logical way   accordingly .So this way is my favorite on the way to achieve success and it brings a feeling of pseudo-science.   But in fact there are many conditions that  behaving analytically does not mean so much. Likewise, science has nothing to do with the moral values of a society. So one must specify the fields exactly for this issue. In this position you go on your way by resembling or finding ways to simulate the conditions.  

    In this world everyone has a different world in his or herself. According to the angle you look to the universe, it may seem chaotic or in a very structured manner to you…. So I respect to the variances between the humans, in an engineer manner I can say that having a product in standard measures like small variance is good but it can not be said for the humans.

     In my spare times I try to read books, do sports like football, running(not so much), surfing through the net, swimming in the bosphorous, solving or asking brainteasers, going out with  my brother to fly his model planes and  helicopters, having  tours with our small speed boat which has a maximum speed of 30 miles/hour, fishing, watching discussions on tv..

    I also like having talks with my grandfather about his incredible adventures at the sea and about the old times.  I also like traveling and meeting with new people from different cultures but I do not have so much chance for that. I hope I have opportunity for that in the future, especially by sailing through the world.. ……

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