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Please do the followings in order:

1) LOADING GOLDWAVE: Please press on the following link and download goldwave 4.24. Goldwave 4.24

Then just click on it and install.After you install, close the program and move to step 2.

2) CRACKING GOLDWAVE:  Please press on the following link and download the crack. Crack

After you download this file, just copy  it under c:\program files\Goldwave. After you copy just click on it and then click on the "crack it " button on the small window that comes out. it should say that it successfully cracked.

After you have done, these you can record sounds but you cant save them in mp3 format. for this reason you need to load mp3 encoder. So move to step 3.

3) LOADING LAME: Press on the following link to download Lame. Lame

Then install it also..


We are finished. now just open goldwave, open a new file by pressing file-new. then just record a sound by pressing ctrl- Record key(red button) on the device controls window separate from the main window.

then save it by file-save as, choose mp3 as format, select the file attributes ( i usually choose 16 bytes/second)..

thats it..I hope it works.